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Guiding Seniors with Care and Compassion: Employee Spotlight on Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker's journey with Columbine Health Systems began five years ago, but his path to senior care started long before that. At the age of 15, Andrew got his first job as a waiter at the Hunt Community in Nashua, New Hampshire. After that, he took on roles as a nurse's aide and house manager at Bridges Cornell Heights in Ithaca, New York. Upon relocating to Colorado in 2018, Andrew underwent recertification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) through Columbine's GEC course. He has since been trained by some of the best nurses and CNAs in Colorado.


Before assuming his current role as the Administrator of the Columbine Patio Homes and the Worthington Independent Living Community, Andrew worked as a CNA, Weekend Admissions staff, and later as the Admissions Director at Columbine Commons in Windsor. For Andrew, the best part of working at Columbine is spending quality time with residents, listening to their stories, and helping them navigate through their later years. He finds fulfillment in witnessing new residents thrive and maintain their independence with Columbine's support.


Andrew is passionate about the support and guidance that Columbine provides to its residents. He believes that Columbine goes above and beyond by assisting residents through the complexities of the healthcare system, ensuring their well-being and comfort during challenging times. He takes pride in seeing families appreciate Columbine's dedication when faced with difficult situations.


Outside of work, Andrew finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether he's hitting the trails with his beloved Coonhound, Tuckerman, or indulging his passion for long-distance running and soccer, Andrew's zest for life is contagious.


Andrew Baker continues to make a profound difference in the lives of those he serves through his unwavering dedication and compassionate approach. As Columbine Health Systems celebrates Andrew's five-year milestone, we reflect on the invaluable contributions he has made and look forward to the countless lives he will touch in the years to come.

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