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Breakfast with the Mayor: A Special Morning at The Windsor

Windsor Mayor, Paul Rennemeyer, visits with Gladys Livingston
Windsor Mayor, Paul Rennemeyer, visits with Gladys Livingston

Residents of The Windsor recently enjoyed sharing breakfast with the Mayor of Windsor himself. This special event, organized by Windsor Independent Living Chef Glenn Stoll, brought together the town's  Mayor, Paul Rennemeyer, and residents, including 97-year-old Wilma Swanson and Gladys Livingston.

Wilma, a lifelong resident of Windsor, reminisced about the town's remarkable transformation from its humble beginnings to its current bustling population of 45,000. She fondly recalled the days when what is now Highway 392 was nothing but a dirt road frequented by horse-drawn buggies. Gladys, who moved into The Windsor five years ago, attributed her longevity to the simple yet profound philosophy of staying busy. She spoke highly of The Windsor, citing how caring and friendly the staff are. “It’s like being at home. There are people around me, and I can balance my alone time with being with others.” She enjoys all the activities offered to keep her busy and social.

Administrator Anna VonDreele expressed her gratitude to Chef Glenn for arranging the Mayor's visit, recognizing his dedication to the residents' well-being. The morning was filled with lively conversations as residents discussed the town's future with Mayor Rennemeyer, who not only impressed everyone with his knowledge but also his approachability, making everyone feel valued and heard.

Reflecting on The Windsor's unique charm, Anna highlighted its intimate size, which not only fosters a sense of community but also a feeling of belonging. It’s like a family. She shared her own experience of spending meaningful time with residents, listening to their stories, and learning from their wealth of experiences. Anna extends a warm invitation to all to visit The Windsor, meet the caring team of professionals, and discover firsthand how Columbine's independent living communities preserve residents' independence in a safe, pleasant environment where all needs are met.

In closing, Mayor Rennemeyer summarized the essence of community stewardship, reminding us of our shared responsibility to nurture and care for the town we love. As The Windsor continues to embody the spirit of camaraderie and support, residents can rest assured that they are not just residents but cherished members of a thriving community.

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