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Embracing Independence: Discover the Benefits of Independent Living

Updated: Apr 25

Yuriko Mita socializing at The Worthington's Oktoberfest
The Worthington resident, Yuriko Mita socializing at annual Oktoberfest celebration

Columbine Health Systems' four independent living communities, The Worthington, The Winslow (Fort Collins), The Wexford (Loveland), and The Windsor (Windsor), offer residents a caring community that fosters camaraderie and support. Dorsis Allen, 89, found solace at The Worthington after her husband's passing, reflecting, “I have met more people who are in my shoes, and we talk at dinner about how this feels like our family. The staff is phenomenal!” Similarly, Peggy Wolaver, 96, echoes this sentiment at The Winslow, cherishing the friendships that encourage independence, stating, “Being around people helps you stay young; you make supportive friends and are active, which keeps you independent.”

Andrew Baker (left) and Dorsis Allen (right) visit in her apartment

Engaging in a variety of social activities enhances residents' well-being and enjoyment of life. At The Wexford, 81-year-old Jean Eads participates in programs that keep her mind sharp and spirits high. “They help keep our minds going. We have a walking group, classes, and movies on the weekend — there is always something to do. I love to walk in the Benson Sculpture Garden with my new friends.”’  Gladys Livingston, 92, at The Windsor, values the opportunities for an active lifestyle and meaningful connections, expressing, “The Windsor provides residents with great activities.”

Maintenance-free living allows residents to focus on what matters most. Dorsis enjoys the freedom from household chores at The Worthington, while Peggy and Jean appreciate the convenience of worry-free living. Peggy shares, “I finally got my dream kitchen - NO STOVE - but I do have other appliances. I don’t have to do anything. Maintenance is available 24/7.”

Dining experiences rival those of upscale restaurants, with delicious meals and attentive service.  “The food and staff are outstanding – the banquets are awesome – and help is always there.”  Shares Peggy. “They have a beautiful dining room, wonderful servers,” Jean adds.  Lynn Drips, 90, loves that she doesn’t have to cook and gets to have great meals made for her. 

Residents, staff, and community members enjoy prime rib at The Winslow's Champagne Banquet
Residents, staff, and community members enjoy prime rib at The Winslow's Champagne Banquet

Complimentary transportation services provide flexibility and peace of mind. Lynn says The Winslow gives her access to great transportation to get wherever she needs to go and helps her stay busy with activities. “I can come and go as I want,” explains Jean.

Safety and security are important to residents.  Lynn shares, “My family feels better having me at The Winslow. They are at ease knowing I’m in a great and safe environment and know that I’ll be taken care of. As a people person, I love being with people. It’s a wonderful place to live.” 

Dorsis fondly refers to The Worthington as her "happy place," emphasizing the peace of mind and contentment she experiences in her new home. She reflects, “Moving into independent living was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s not what I thought it would be: it’s much better.”

Discover the benefits of independent living at Columbine Health Systems' residences and embark on a journey of camaraderie, convenience, and peace of mind. Learn more at

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