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Nurse Assistant Training

Now is the time to join this exciting career field!

Why should I become a Nurse Aide?

Skilled nursing facilities and hospitals require a nurse aide to be certified for employment and many college nursing programs require completion of a nurse aide course prior to acceptance into a nursing program. In addition, as a prerequisite to most Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner programs, direct patient care experience is required and working as a CNA can contribute toward these hours.

What will I learn?

Instruction includes basic nursing assistant procedures, skills, restorative services, general household activities, patient care, safety, and emergency care. Students gain an understanding of the responsibilities involved in working with patients of all ages, in both wellness and illness, issues of mental health, patient rights, and patient/family interactions. Classroom instruction, lab, and clinical experience is offered.

What are my class options?

Full-time Day Classes: These classes are held Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, then include 2 ½ days of clinical experience following class in one of the Columbine skilled facilities.
Part-time Evening Classes: These classes are held evenings from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm for a period of 10 - 11 ½ weeks (depending upon the class), includes 2 ½ days of clinical experience.


COVID-19 Vaccine:

To ensure the health and safety of your peers and the Columbine residents, during clinicals, the Geriatric Education Center encourages our students to receive the COVID-19 vaccination before class starts. If you need assistance finding a vaccine clinic or have questions, please contact 970-492-6230 to schedule an appointment with Columbine's clinical team.


For the classes that offer 2 clinical groups, each group can have a maximum of 8 students. Students will be placed in one of the two offered clinical groups during their first day of class. They will have the opportunity to provide a preference, but it will be granted on a first come basis. Once the 1st clinical group is full, the remaining students will automatically be placed in the 2nd group.

What is required to start class?

  1. Register for desired class.

  2. You are required to complete a background check (price starting at $22.00) this is to be completed no greater than 3 months prior to your class start date.

  3. Provide the Geriatric Education Center a copy of recent TB test results.
    *Influenza vaccine verification must be provided for students completing the class between October 1st and the end of flu season.

  4. The cost of our Nursing Assistant training program is $947.25, made payable to the Geriatric Education Centre via Event Squid invoice, processing fees are included. This payment must be made at least 1 week prior to the class start date.


Do I need the textbook?

The textbook is required for this class. If you'd like to purchase the textbook through our Geriatric Education Centre ($65.00), please be sure to add this to your order when you're registering for one of our classes. If you prefer to purchase your textbook elsewhere you can find the information below.

Mosby's Essentials for Nursing Assistants

by Sorrentino and Remmert

Edition #7

ISBN #: 9780323796316


How do I sign up for the State test?

Once you complete the course, you will need to register for your state test and make payment in the amount of $135.00 to the Colorado State Board of Nursing. Your instructor will be available to guide you through this process.

Can I work for Columbine Health Systems after I take the CNA Class?

Yes, we would love to have you join our team! If you are considering working for Columbine Health Systems, you will be expected to pass out Job Function Test upon hire. To familiarize yourself with the requirements of the test, please click HERE.


Financial Support:

By becoming a member of the Columbine healthcare team, you have the opportunity to get paid while becoming a CNA! You will get paid during class, lab and clinical time. Want to know more?

Click here to start your
education journey.

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