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Internship and
Practicum Experience

​Choose from a Variety of Settings
and Opportunities

WELCOME STUDENTS. We have hosted students for their internship and practicum experiences since 1971. Traditionally we have accepted students from the human development and family studies, social work, exercise and sports science, President's Leadership, and the gerontology programs.

We feel that the internship experience is what you want to make it to be. We have a variety of settings and "intern job" opportunities for you to choose from.

Please complete the Intern with Us application below to start the internship process with Columbine Health Systems or contact us for additional information.

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Intern with Us

Please check all options below that apply.

Desired internship semester:
Are you interested in completing your internship at:
Columbine has long term care facilities in 3 cities. Please indicate where you are interested in completing your internship.
Which discipline are you interested in completing your internship:

Please answer the questions below with detail.

Thanks for applying to intern with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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