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Columbine Medical Equipment

Updated: Jan 31

Chairs at Columbine Medical Equipment

Nurturing Care, Affordable Solutions, and Melissa's Journey

Columbine Medical Equipment (CME) offers the highest quality home medical supplies in Northern Colorado. But our compassionate, personal, professional service sets us apart. We are here to assist anyone who needs help figuring out which items will best serve them or their loved ones. 

We’d like to share a bit about Melissa's experience as she sought the perfect wheelchair for her recovering aunt, navigating a world of understanding, affordability, and exceptional care.

Discovering Columbine Medical Equipment

"I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when I first called Columbine Medical Equipment,” Melissa shares. “My aunt was recovering from knee surgery, and I needed to find the right wheelchair for her. From the beginning, the staff at CME made me feel heard and understood. It was like having a caring friend guide me through a challenging time."

CME goes beyond being a durable medical equipment (DME) provider; it's a haven for those seeking both quality and empathy. With an on-site warehouse and retail shop, CME offers a comprehensive range of products, including aids for daily living, lift chairs, scooters, CPAP machines, and so much more. Melissa discovered that the team at CME understood the broader spectrum of products that could significantly enhance her aunt's recovery.

"I called about wheelchairs, but the staff at CME took the time to educate me about various products that could make my aunt's recovery more comfortable. It wasn't just about selling a wheelchair but providing a holistic solution tailored to her needs. The cherry on top is knowing that all of CME’s products are rigorously tested for quality and durability, and they also offer product training and free lifetime maintenance. 

Melissa's journey with CME revealed the significance of lift chairs for post-surgery recovery – a new piece of essential information. Their staff helps clients choose the right lift chair and provides training on usage. The assurance of complimentary prompt repairs and regular maintenance ensures that individuals like Melissa's aunt can enjoy the comfort and support they need during recovery.

Medical Equipment for Sale or Rent

Recognizing that people may need products temporarily, we offer home rentals for many of our products.  We’d be honored to help you or a loved one prepare for an upcoming surgery or choose products that make life more comfortable. 

CME specializes in women's health services, including mastectomy fittings, lymphedema management, and maternity/postpartum supplies. Our certified fitters take pride in compassionately assisting clients during these sensitive times. Melissa experienced firsthand the kindness and understanding of the staff as they navigated the complexities of her aunt's recovery.

"The team at CME wasn't just knowledgeable; they were genuinely compassionate. They understood the sensitivity of my aunt's situation and provided support beyond what I had expected. It made the whole experience much more comforting."

Affordable Solutions and Insurance Coverage Expertise

As part of the Columbine Health System, CME believes that essential medical equipment should be accessible. Melissa found comfort in CME's commitment to offering competitive prices and expertise in helping customers navigate insurance coverage.

Fast and Reliable Delivery and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Melissa's satisfaction was further solidified by CME's customer satisfaction guarantee – a testament to their dedication. "The affordability and insurance expertise at CME made a significant difference for us. And the fast, free delivery – it just made the whole process seamless. I felt like they truly cared about making things easier for us."

Columbine Medical Equipment serves everyone in Northern Colorado. It offers convenient locations in Fort Collins at 802 West Drake Road # 123 and in Windsor at 1525 Main Street. The main phone number is 970.221.1453.

Columbine Health Systems has been Northern Colorado's leader in compassionate senior care since 1971. It has evolved to include a full continuum of care services, including patio homes, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, therapy services, infusion therapy, home care, medical equipment, pharmacy, chaplains, and transportation. 

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