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Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Hospital and Community Liaisons

Updated: Mar 19

Hospital Liaisons
L-R Gina Gray, Hospital Liaison; Jessica Kamenski, Community Liaison; Ashley Ellis,Hospital Liaison; Megan Parisi, Community Liaison; Carrie Reifschneider, Systems Admission Director Megan Reinhardt, Hospital Liaison.

At Columbine Health Systems, we take immense pride in our team of dedicated professionals who go above and beyond to ensure the seamless transition of patients from home or hospital to our care. Our hospital and community liaisons are at the heart of this process, bridging the gap between medical facilities, providers, and family members to ensure patients receive the care they need without delay.


What Is a Hospital Liaison?

Hospital liaisons facilitate smooth resident transfers by assessing resident needs and coordinating with hospital and Columbine staff. Their goal is to ensure every resident transitions into our care with the right support and treatment plan.

What is a Community Liaison?

A community liaison acts as a central contact point for inquiries, providing prompt responses and assistance to current and prospective residents and their families. They facilitate smooth transitions by obtaining necessary documents and coordinating transportation. Knowledgeable about Columbine's services, they ensure inquiries are addressed efficiently and with care.

Meet Gina Gray-Field


Gina Gray-Field, who has been with Columbine Health Systems for nearly 14 years, leads our efforts at the Medical Center of the Rockies as the Hospital Liaison MCR Team Lead. She enjoys helping families navigate placement for their loved ones and focuses on assessing patients' medical history to determine the appropriate level of care Columbine can provide.


Her dedication to providing a smooth transition for patients reflects Columbine’s commitment to delivering the highest quality of care.

Meet Megan Reinhardt


With nine years of service to Columbine Health Systems, Megan Reinhardt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as the Hospital Liaison Team Lead at  Poudre Valley Hospital. Megan's days find her ensuring every patient is welcomed into our facilities with a plan tailored to their needs.


For Megan, the best part of her job is knowing she's making a real difference in the lives and care of everyone she serves.


Meet Ashley Ellis


With a background as a social worker and four and a half years as a hospital liaison, Ashley Ellis brings a decade of experience to her Hospital Liaison Team Lead role overseeing Banner/ Denver referrals. In her role, Ashley aims to provide an effortless transition from the hospital to our communities. She values the support from her teams and the community.


Ashley’s commitment to patient care and her ability to foster strong relationships with hospital staff and our teams underscores her value to our organization.


Meet Jessica Kamenski


Jessica Kamenski began her journey at Columbine Health Systems nearly 12 years ago, inspired by the exceptional care her grandfather received in a Columbine community. As a Hospital and Community Liaison, she is devoted to helping families navigate placement for their loved ones and ensuring they receive the best possible care.Jessica is passionate about supporting families through their care decisions, drawing on her personal experience to empathize and assist during challenging times.

Meet Megan Parisi


With five years of service, Megan Parisi plays a vital role in guiding patients through the admissions process and ensuring they feel supported every step of the way. As a Community Liaison,  She is often the first point of contact, so she strives to extend a warm welcome to all incoming patients and their families.


Megan’s joy comes from seeing the compassionate care provided by Columbine staff to our residents, embodying our commitment to excellence in patient care.


Our Hospital and Community Liaison Team is crucial in advancing our mission to provide unparalleled care and support to our patients and their families. Their dedication, hard work, and big hearts are fundamental to the well-being of our community, and we are immensely grateful for their contributions. 

To learn more about the care provided by our hospital and community liaisons or to inquire about becoming a member of a Columbine community, contact us at or 970-482-0198.

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