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Enhancing Lives Through Music: A Partnership Between Columbine Health and Sound Affects

Updated: 3 days ago

Columbine Health is proud to partner with Sound Affects, an organization dedicated to bringing the transformative power of music to underserved adults. Sound Affects' mission resonates deeply with Columbine's commitment to enriching the lives of its residents through innovative programs and holistic care.

Sound Affects' music programming connects professional musicians with adults living in care facilities, including those served by Columbine Health Systems, and individuals living at home who may be prone to isolation. Through live performances, one-on-one residencies, and advocacy, Sound Affects addresses the unique needs of these populations, fostering connection, engagement, and mutual esteem.

What sets Sound Affects apart is its dedication to quality and consistency in delivering meaningful musical experiences. Partnering with Columbine Health Systems allows Sound Affects to offer a level of support and variety that enhances the quality of life for residents in Long Term Care communities. By collaborating with Columbine, Sound Affects ensures that older adults have access to music that resonates personally, improving their overall well-being and sense of connection.

"At Columbine Health, we believe in the power of music to uplift and inspire," says Columbine CEO Paul Benigni. "Our partnership with Sound Affects aligns perfectly with our mission to provide exceptional care and enriching experiences for our residents. Together, we're creating an environment where music becomes a catalyst for joy, connection, and lifelong memories."

By offering personalized music experiences with unparalleled support and consistency, Sound Affects is revolutionizing the way music is integrated into care settings, creating a brighter and more harmonious future for residents across the community. To learn more about and support Sound Affects' work, please visit their website at 

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