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Riding for a Cause: Andrew Baker and Chelsea Irwin's Personal Journeys to End Alzheimer’s

Updated: 4 days ago

Andrew Baker, Administrator of The Worthington Independent Living Community, and Chelsea Irwin, Administrator of The Winslow Independent Living Community, have both been personally touched by Alzheimer’s Disease. Andrew's mother, Linda, now lives with him in Windsor, CO, following their family’s journey to secure her needed care. Chelsea, driven by the memory of her father’s battle with early-onset Alzheimer’s, has dedicated herself to combating the disease since his passing in 2009.


Their shared experiences motivated Andrew and Chelsea to participate on Columbine Health’s Team in the Ride to End ALZ on June 9th, 2024. Together, they raised an impressive $10,846.52 towards Alzheimer’s research and support. With an estimated 6.9 million Americans aged 65 and older affected by Alzheimer’s, Andrew and Chelsea’s dedication highlights the critical need for early intervention and ongoing research.


Their commitment to raising awareness and funds reflects a heartfelt dedication to their loved ones and all those affected by this devastating disease.

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