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Celebrating Columbine Commons: Spotlight on Becky Walker and Stephanie Curtis

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In honor of Social Worker Month and Long-Term Care Administrator's Week, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on two remarkable individuals who embody the spirit of empathetic care at Columbine Health Systems.

Becky Walker, Long-Term Care Administrator

Columbine Commons Health and Rehab and Columbine Commons Assisted Living

Becky Walker's journey at Columbine Health Systems is a testament to dedication and hard work. Starting as a housekeeper at Lakeview Commons in 2008, she worked her way up to her current position as the Administrator of skilled nursing Lakes/Mountains facilities and Columbine Commons Assisted Living

As a long-term care administrator, Becky oversees the daily operations of our facilities, ensuring the highest standards of care and quality of life for our residents. Her hands-on experience in various roles within CHS gives her a unique perspective and understanding of the needs of our residents and staff. Becky's commitment to Columbine's mission is unwavering, as she appreciates the organization's dedication to providing empathetic care and being an employer of choice.

Stephanie Curtis, Director

Assisted Living Facility-Admissions and Social Services

Stephanie Curtis, our ALF-Admissions and Social Services Director at Columbine Commons Assisted Living, plays a pivotal role in easing the transition for families as their loved ones join our community. As a social worker, Stephanie's responsibilities extend beyond admissions. She provides essential support to residents and families, offering counseling, advocacy, and resources to address their emotional, social, and financial needs. 

With nearly two years of experience at Columbine Health Systems and a background in social work spanning two decades, Stephanie brings a wealth of expertise and empathy to her role. She takes immense pride in ensuring that new residents feel welcomed and supported from the moment they arrive, cherishing the opportunity to be a part of their lives and hear their stories. Stephanie's warmth and dedication make her an integral part of the Columbine Commons family, fostering a supportive and welcoming environment for all.

Why We Love Columbine:

Both Stephanie and Becky resonate with Columbine's values and culture, which set us apart in the senior care industry. Despite the evolving landscape of healthcare, Columbine remains steadfast in its mission to provide empathetic care and be an employer of choice. Stephanie and Becky's unwavering dedication to our residents and their families exemplifies the heart and soul of Columbine Health Systems.

As we celebrate Social Services Week and Long-Term Care Administrators Week, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Stephanie, Becky, and all our social workers and administrators. Their commitment and empathy are the driving force behind our mission to enhance the quality of life for seniors in Northern Colorado.

Upcoming Events:

Join us for a special health and wellness event at Columbine Commons on Friday, March 22, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Take guided tours of our facility, learn about assisted living options, and connect with local health and wellness professionals. Enjoy informative tours, interactive booths, and a happy hour with live entertainment. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the possibilities of assisted living and connect with our vibrant community.

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