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Welcome to Columbine Medical Equipment:
Your Locally Owned and Operated Mobility Device Experts

At Columbine Medical Equipment, we believe that everyone deserves the freedom to move with ease and independence. Our mission is to provide top-quality mobility devices and services, empowering individuals with limited mobility to regain their mobility and reclaim their active lifestyles. With a wide range of mobility products and personalized care, we are your trusted partner in enhancing mobility and improving overall well-being.

  • Walkers

  • Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

  • Canes and Crutches

  • Power Mobility

What are Mobility Devices?

Mobility devices are essential aids designed to assist individuals with limited mobility due to age, injury, or medical conditions. These devices provide the support and stability needed to move comfortably and safely, both indoors and outdoors. From walkers and rollators to wheelchairs, scooters, canes and crutches, our diverse range of mobility devices ensures that you find the perfect fit for your individual needs.

Why Choose Columbine Medical Equipment DME?

  1. Extensive Product Selection: Our showroom features a wide array of mobility devices from leading brands. Whether you need a lightweight walker, a versatile wheelchair, or a convenient mobility scooter, we have the right product for you.

  2. Expert Guidance: Our team of mobility specialists and occupational therapists is dedicated to finding the best solutions for your unique mobility challenges. We take the time to understand your needs and recommend devices that match your lifestyle and preferences.

  3. Personalized Fittings: Proper fit is crucial for comfort and safety. We offer personalized fittings for mobility devices, ensuring that the chosen device fits you perfectly and provides optimal support.

  4. Home Accessibility Solutions: In addition to mobility devices, we offer home accessibility solutions such as grab bars and raised toilet seats, making your living space more accommodating and user-friendly.

  5. Insurance Support: Our team is well-versed in dealing with insurance providers. We assist you in navigating insurance coverage and making the most of your benefits for mobility devices.

Our Process


  1. Consultation: Stop in to our stores or schedule a consultation with one of our mobility intake specialists. We will discuss your mobility needs and challenges to recommend the most suitable devices and solutions.

  2. Insurance Coverage Expertise: Assistance navigating your insurance company coverage, pre-approval, and verification requirements to help you determine what products are covered by your insurance.

  3. Product Selection: Based on your consultation, we will present a range of mobility devices that match your requirements. You can try them out to find the one that suits you best.

  4. Personalized Fitting: Our team will ensure that your chosen mobility device is properly fitted and adjusted to your comfort and safety.

  5. Training and Education: If needed, we provide training on how to use the mobility device effectively and safely.

  6. Ongoing Support: We are committed to your satisfaction and well-being. Our team is always available to address any questions or concerns and provide ongoing support as you adapt to your new mobility device.

Contact Us Today

Regain your freedom and independence with top-quality mobility devices from Columbine Medical Equipment. Contact us today at (970) 221-1453. Let us be your partner in enhancing mobility and improving your quality of life.

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