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Empowering Independence with Comprehensive Transportation Services

Updated: Jun 26

As seniors age, driving can become challenging, yet maintaining autonomy is crucial. Columbine Health offers transportation services to support residents in leading independent lives without the need to drive.

Recently, two members of Columbine Health’s transportation team stayed after their shift ended to assist a resident in making a last-minute trip to Pathways Hospice to visit their spouse, providing a chance for a heartfelt final goodbye. This act highlights Columbine Health’s team’s commitment to supporting residents and their families.

With a fleet of 15 vehicles operating every day from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Columbine Health provides reliable transport for daily needs and social activities.

Transportation services not only provide residents access to healthcare but also enable residents to participate in a variety of social activities, including family visits, lunch outings, shopping trips, and visits to botanical gardens and museums. These activities foster connections with friends and the wider community, reducing isolation and promoting a sense of belonging.

Columbine Health’s transportation services reflect a broader commitment to resident well-being. Safety, comfort, and reliability are a priority, ensuring every journey is positive. By offering comprehensive and compassionate transportation, residents navigate their lives with confidence and ease.

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