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Celebrating One Year of Lakes at Columbine Commons Health & Rehab

A Look Back at the First Anniversary Celebration

Food served at anniversary party

On February 1, 2023, Columbine Commons Health & Rehab proudly opened the doors to Lakes, its latest addition to the award-winning Windsor facility. Fast forward to February 5, 2024, and the Lakes facility commemorated its first anniversary with a joyous celebration. Situated at 1325 Main St. in Windsor, Lakes stands as a beacon of state-of-the-art care, catering to both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care needs.

A Continuum of Care

The Columbine Commons Health & Rehab campus offers Northern Colorado residents a comprehensive continuum of care. From Westwood Patio Homes to The Windsor Independent Living and Columbine Commons Assisted Living, along with two 30-bed skilled nursing and rehab facilities, Mountains, located at 1475 Main St. ensuring that individuals receive the support they need at every stage of life. 

Milestones and Achievements

Reflecting on the past year, Lakes has achieved significant milestones. From its inception to reaching full occupancy by July, maintaining a steady occupancy rate exceeding 90%, and establishing a fully staffed team comprising over 160 CHS staff members, Lakes has surpassed expectations. Notably, the facility achieved these feats without relying on outside agency staffing.

Rebecca Walker, Administrator of Columbine Commons Health and Rehab, commended the staff's remarkable dedication and efficiency, stating, "It is an incredible accomplishment for the staff of Columbine Commons Health & Rehab to have successfully opened a 30-bed addition – and reach maximum capacity – in less than five months." Despite the challenges, the facility upheld its 5-star CMS quality rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, underscoring its commitment to exceptional patient care.

Personal Testimonials

Brian Schrack, the first skilled nursing resident at Lakes and a former patio home resident, shared his positive experience, remarking, "I have been impressed by the staff and the facility, and their ability to deal with many challenges that face them." Schrack's testimonial reflects the dedication and resilience exhibited by Lakes' staff in delivering high-quality care amidst various obstacles.

Celebrating Success

The first-anniversary celebration was a testament to Lakes' success and the collective effort of its staff and residents. The festivities, filled with fun and gratitude, culminated in a toast, acknowledging everyone's hard work, dedication, sacrifices, and aspirations for the future.

Staff at Lakes at Columbine celebrating 1 year anniversary

As Lakes at Columbine Commons Health & Rehab embarks on its second year, we invite you to experience the unparalleled level of care and support we provide. Whether you or your loved ones require short-term rehabilitation, the security and conveniences of community living, personal care assistance with activities of daily living, or long-term care, our dedicated team is here to ensure your comfort and well-being every step of the way.

Ready to learn more or schedule a visit? Contact us today at or call us at 970-561-7280.

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