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Care Philosophy

At Columbine Health Systems we believe our ability to provide quality care lies in our compassion and understanding of the people we care for. They are not the sum of their diagnosis; but are individuals who have had vastly different life experiences who are encouraged to view things through their own perspective.

Enhancing Dignity and Respect

Our Person-Centered Care Philosophy respects each resident, family member and staff by:


  • Knowing the unique and complete person both past and present.

  • Valuing each person for their likes, dislikes, beliefs, interests and abilities then incorporating that information into their personal plan of care.

  • Supporting independence and celebrating accomplishments.

  • Promoting positive well-being to assist the person in experiencing joy and comfort though personal relationships and opportunities for meaningful activities.

  • Honoring choice and individual differences.

  • Enhancing dignity and respect.

  • Empowering each staff member to work together through shared education,knowledge of preferences, routines, values, and abilities.

  • Improving quality of life by promoting meaning in life.

Our Dementia Care Practice Philosophy adds
these additional elements:


  • Refer for diagnostic evaluation if Dementia is suspected.

  • Recognize and accept the person's reality at any moment.

  • Promote effective and empathetic communication which validates feelings.

  • Expression of Need(s) includes various forms of communication; it is our responsibility to understand what they are trying to convey.

  • Identify and support ongoing opportunities for meaningful engagement.

  • Build and nurture authentic and caring relationships.

  • Create and maintain a safe and supportive community for residents, families,
    and staff.

  • Evaluate regularly care practices ensuring evidence-based models are emphasized.

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