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Read Our Articles in the Coloradoan (Fort Collins) & The Tribune (Greeley) Newspapers

"What is Assisted Living at Columbine Commons?"

At Columbine Health Systems CNAs provide the sometimes invisible but always essential one-on-one care. Read the entire article here.

Read our story on Transportation "Time to turn in the keys", with remarks from Brent Unrau, driver & dispatcher with Columbine's transportation services.

Lauren Shimp Social Services Director at Centre Avenue discusses senior care in the article "Senior resources help make caregivers just family again".

Anna VonDreele, Care Manager for Columbine, talks about the "importance of care management for successful senior care".

"Senior care is next step on life journey", Stefanie Merrell, Manager at The Winslow, shares her thoughts on making decisions about residential facilities.

"Summertime is perfect time to prepare seniors for winter." Yvonne Myers, Director at Columbine Health Systems, comments "Summertime is the best time to plan a move for loved ones into assisted living."

Center for Healthy Aging logo

Welcome to the Columbine Health Systems Center
for Healthy Aging

The Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging is a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and evidence-based outreach and education about healthy aging. As a community-engaged center, we aim to be a premier local, regional, and nationally-recognized resource for discovery and application of research on biological, cognitive, psychological, social, and behavioral factors that lead to healthy and successful aging.

Columbine Health Systems is Growing!

Columbine Health Systems is expanding its housing options for seniors by adding patio homes in Fort Collins, Colorado and an independent apartment building and skilled nursing facility in Windsor, Colorado. Watch for more details coming soon!

Health & Wellness logo

Health & Wellness Programs are a partnership between the City of Fort Collins, UCHealth, and Columbine Health Systems. These programs offer many tips on improving the life of seniors. Watch this VIDEO for more information.

Come to the Fort Collins Senior Center

Pack a Healthier School Lunch Pack a lunch that balances blood sugar and provides nutrition. Northside Aztlan Center, Saturday, Oct 14th, 11:00am‑Noon, $5 fee.
The Upside of Downsizing Tips and techniques to get started consolidating clutter and collections. Learn its mental and economical benefits. Senior Center, Tuesday, Oct 17th, 1:00‑2:30pm, no fee.
Positive Brain Change Involve the mind in changing the brain for the benefit of health and well-being. By Larimer County/CSU Extension. Senior Center, Thursday, Oct 19th, 9:30‑10:30am, no fee.
Aging & Technology Plug in and learn how to manage at-home technology and explore new products that promote longevity. By CSU Behavioral Sciences. Senior Center, Monday, Oct 23rd, 2:00‑3:00pm, no fee.
Thriving with Breast Cancer Education on common side effects that persist after or during breast cancer treatment such as decreased strength/endurance, fatigue, and lymphedema. By Michelle Bardino, PT UCHealth. Senior Center, Tuesday, Oct 24th, 5:00‑6:00pm, $10 fee.
Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery An exercise program to aid in balance and walking, and slow the progress of the disease. By UCHealth. Senior Center, Tuesdays, Sept 5th‑ Oct 24th, 3:00‑4:00pm, $40 fee.
Meatless Meals in Minutes A discussion about the benefits of consuming meatless meals along with some great recipe ideas. By Jenifer Bowman, UCHealth Registered Dietitian. Senior Center, Thursday, Oct 26th, 6:00‑7:00pm, $5 fee.
Aging Mastery Program This National Council on Aging program will encourage and instruct you to make and maintain meaningful changes in health behaviors, financial well-being and enrichment in later life. By experts in each topic area. Senior Center, Tuesdays & Thursdays, Sept 26th - Oct 26th, 9:30‑11:00am, $35 fee.
Living Well with Pain Studies have shown that people who take this program on average have less pain, less dependent on others, and are more involved in everyday activities. By UCHealth Aspen Club. Senior Center, Wednesday, Sept 27th‑ Nov‑1st, 1:00‑3:30pm, no fee.
Svaroopa For Every Body Yoga for all body types and ages. Relive your pain and spinal tension while improving balance and flexibility through this gentle yoga session. Senior Center, Wednesday, Oct 4th‑ Oct‑25th, 1:00‑3:30pm, $30 fee.

Call: 970-221-6644 to schedule appointment for these programs.