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Health & Wellness Programs are a partnership between the City of Fort Collins, UCHealth, and Columbine Health Systems. These programs offer many tips on improving the life of seniors. Watch are latest VIDEO for more information.

Come to the Fort Collins Senior Center

Boomer Blast A full body workout geared to increase strength and stamina. By Columbine Health Systems. Senior Center, Tuesdays/Thursdays, July 10th - August 2nd, 8:00‑8:50am, $27 fee.
Tai Chi Chih Bring balance, increased flexibility, strength, well-being, and joy. By Marie Dotts. Senior Center, Tuesdays/Thursdays, July 10th - August 28th, 1:00‑2:00pm, $80 fee.
Natural Hacks to Support Attention Discover how nutrition and lifestyle tweaks can support increase attention, therefore increasing learning and cognition. By Nutritional Health Coach Vitamin Cottage. Senior Center, Monday, July 23rd, 1:00pm‑2:00pm, no fee.

Call: 970-221-6644 to schedule appointment for these programs.

Read Our Articles in the Fort Collins Coloradoan

Challenging Myths About Skilled Nursing Care Americans are living longer than they ever have, but aging in the US doesn't look like it used to. "Residents are involved in making their own decisions about their care & activities," says Jill Ruttenberg, Director of Social Services. Read here how Ruttenberg challenges common misperceptions about elderly care.

Games, Music, Pets Keep Senior Lives Interesting Activity Director Sari Oberndorf began her career in outdoor recreation and leadership; now she designs and carriers out activity programming for assisted living and memory care clients. . . . she develops a rotating itinerary of outings, exercise, entertainment, brain games, and wellness time.

Training For a Healthcare Career Columbine Health Systems' Geriatric Education Centre provides a convenient and affordable entrée into health. "It allows people who haven't had any, or who have had very minimal healthcare training and experience to come in and acquire understanding to provide care in whatever setting," say Ashley Dees, MSN.

The Winslow Serves Up Healthy Home-Style Cooking to Nourish Body and Soul At The Winslow, Cooper Snook provides diners with an array of nutritious, home-style comfort foods. "I try to find a good balance of what the residents remember growing up eating and what's still going to be beneficial for their health," Cooper says.

Columbine's Non-Clinical Jobs Give Retirees Fulfilling Second Careers For many, non-clinical positions at Columbine Health Systems could fit the bill. "There are a lot of people who still want to work, need to work, and want to have a paycheck and stay active during retirement" says Joyce Saffel, Human Resources Director.

Seniors Benefit From Care Options That Are Comprehensive & Connected The company wants to support aging clients in meeting their individual healthcare needs as seamlessly as possible. "You don't have to figure out who the provider is . . . because we are. Our facility is provided. Home care is provided, They're right next door," says Yvonne Myers.

Four Tips for Talking to Your Loved Ones About Senior Care Talking to loved ones about whether and when to consider long-term care can be scary. "Your loved one is getting older, losing a sense of purpose, losing independence," explains Von Dreele.

Long-Term Caring is all About the Relationships, from Jackie King "I see nurses having conversations sitting on the side of the bed with residents, kneeling down to talk one-on-one if they're in a wheelchair. Hugs. I see hugs all the time between residents and staff members."

Not all Fun & Games, activity directors create programming which helps enrich the lives of the residents.

Horticulture At Columbine, first impressions are everything. Carefully cultivated landscapes greet visitors and enrich residents' everyday excursions.

"What is Assisted Living at Columbine Commons?"

At Columbine Health Systems CNAs provide the sometimes invisible but always essential one-on-one care. Read the entire article here.

Read our story on Transportation "Time to turn in the keys", with remarks from Brent Unrau, driver & dispatcher with Columbine's transportation services.

Lauren Shimp Social Services Director at Centre Avenue discusses senior care in the article "Senior resources help make caregivers just family again".

Anna VonDreele, Care Manager for Columbine, talks about the "importance of care management for successful senior care".

"Senior care is next step on life journey", Stefanie Merrell, Manager at The Winslow, shares her thoughts on making decisions about residential facilities.

"Summertime is perfect time to prepare seniors for winter." Yvonne Myers, Director at Columbine Health Systems, comments "Summertime is the best time to plan a move for loved ones into assisted living."

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Welcome to the Columbine Health Systems
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The Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging is a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and evidence-based outreach and education about healthy aging. As a community-engaged center, we aim to be a premier local, regional, and nationally-recognized resource for discovery and application of research on biological, cognitive, psychological, social, and behavioral factors that lead to healthy and successful aging.