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Come Join Active Seniors in our 34-Patio Home Neighborhoods, Fort Collins (970) 999-2071 and Windsor (970) 460-5000 Campuses!

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Health & Wellness Programs are a partnership between the City of Fort Collins, UCHealth, and Columbine Health Systems. These programs offer many tips on improving the life of seniors. Watch are latest VIDEO for more information.

Come to the Fort Collins Senior Center

Upside of Downsizing Tips and strategies to declutter and organize – a closet, room, or the whole house. Senior Center, Tuesday, Sept 18th, 10:00‑11:30am, no fee.
Mindfulness Made Simple All levels welcome to practice mindfulness tools to reduce stress, increase concentration, and manage emotions. By Brendon Comer, psychotherapist. Senior Center, Saturdays, Sept 22nd - Oct 13th, 10:00‑11:30am, $40 fee.
Morning Meditation Guided mediation and time for silent practice. Enjoy reflections on how to make and maintain space for mindfulness in everyday life. By CSU/ Larimer County Extension. Senior Center, Thursday, Sept 20th, 9:00‑9:45am, no fee.
Make it Stick Explore the process of behavior change. By CSU/Larimer County Extension. Senior Center, Thursday, Sept 20th, 10:00‑11:00am, no fee.
Vestibular System, Balanced for Life Functions and conditions of the vestibular system. Discussion of strategies and treatment. By UCHealth Outpatient Therapy. Senior Center, Tuesday, Sept 25th, 10:00‑11:30am, $5 fee.
Chronic Pain and Mindfulness Learn tools to calm the mind, nervous system, and pain sensation. Gain confidence in the skills of self‐care during tough times. By UCHealth Senior Center, Wednesday, Sept 25th, 2:00‑3:00pm, $5 fee.

Call: 970-221-6644 to schedule appointment for these programs.

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Welcome to the Columbine Health Systems
Center for Healthy Aging

The Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging is a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and evidence-based outreach and education about healthy aging. As a community-engaged center, we aim to be a premier local, regional, and nationally-recognized resource for discovery and application of research on biological, cognitive, psychological, social, and behavioral factors that lead to healthy and successful aging.