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The Restorative Certified Nursing Assistant works with residents needing restorative nursing measures to gain or to maintain their highest, possible, practical functioning level. Provides direct restorative care and delegated therapy tasks including PROM and active ROM, ambulating, special positioning techniques, splints, assistive feeding devices / adaptive equipment, ADL training, bowel and bladder management, restorative dining, and bladder retraining. Duties also include coaching and assisting regular CNAs in positioning, ROM ambulation, ADL, cones / splints / contracture care, ADL specifics, safety device application, appropriate padding and wheelchair cushions, and safety device release, documenting progress of residents assisting in development of QI tools suitable for CNAs to utilize in performing QI audits of Restorative CNA care, and other duties as assigned.

Must be a Certified Nursing Assistant with a minimum of six months of experience; have knowledge of and an interest in geriatrics; and must have a good understanding of medical terminology as applied to Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing issues.